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Over the past week, some new guys joined and unfortunately some left.

+ Nesuku      Will do sprites and character design.

+ DaybreakM        Will work on everything you can think of in terms of artwork.

+ BatiJFG             He will design tiles and cool textures.

- PixelPandaa             He left due school and other important stuff.
Why so many watchers in one time?
How did you guys find us!
This is GREAT!
Question Round!

Hello there,

People are asking a lot of questions about PokemonRisingEmerald.
So I decide to make a journal for your questions!
Please ask them here.
Our team has been thinking a lot about controls. We want controls to be easy and comfortable. Most likely, there will be a feature to change controls, but we wanted intake from our viewers to see what their thoughts are. So what are your thoughts?

It seems clear that we will be using Enter for Start (will pop up menu), X to run (and to go back) and Arrow Keys to move. We'll also put Backspace as the button that pops the quick select item list up.

What we mainly want to know are your thoughts for the button that you push to interact. We're stuck between choosing either C or Z. Z seems to be the most preferred button on the team, probably because it is what is used by default by emulator. But I also feel as if C would be a better choice because it lines you hands up the keyboard and you will be using your primary finger to press it.

Another thing we want to know thoughts for is naming. We can keep the naming so that you move your cursor with the arrows and select the letter you want to push. Or, because this is a PC game, we can make it so that you just type normally. The latter would be a lot faster for the players, but not everyone wants it.

Thirdly, we want to know if you guys want a dual screen. Keep in mind, this is a PC game, not a DS game, so a dual screen is not very necessary. We can either keep it, or we can make a single 16:9 screen with a menu on the side.

Vote for what you want, and I'll keep a counter bellow. This game is not only for us, but it's for you guys too. We want to keep that in mind.

Action Button:
     Z - 4
     C - 1
     Keyboard - 3
     Traditional - 1
Dual Screen:
     Yes - 3
     No - 6
Today we will start mapping!

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